Transfer unit TD40

The transfer units are connecting links between the machines and the accumulators and as such transfer the parts from the chain pins onto a transport belt or vice versa.

Economically reasonable

Rotating unloading drums with vacuum trays or diagonally running infeed or outfeed conveyors are used for accomplishing this transfer. Separate transport chain strands have proven to be economically reasonable. On the one hand, there is the chain that runs through the washing machine. This chain is constantly exposed to detergents, heat and wetness and has therefore to be changed at regular intervals. An accumulator chain, on the other hand, has a comparatively easy and long life.

The TD 40 is a two-drum unit. In it, the parts are first unloaded from the chain pins by a rotating drum with vacuum trays. When the vacuum is shortly interrupted, the parts will fall into a second drum that is situated right under the first drum. This loading drum pushes the parts again onto the pins of the next transport chain – an elegant way of separating the chain.

To reduce the cost for maintenance it is advisable to separate the chains of a washing machine and an accumulator by placing a TD40 transfer unit in between.

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