New F300A – incredible speed and optimum operability

New capping machine F300A
technology high-light for finishing of tubes

Highly versatile in-line finishing machine for tubes from aluminum or plastic, with the widest array of caps and closures. Impressive speeds of up to 300 tubes per minute. The machine finishes tubes with the desired caps automatically. As a trademark of Hinterkopf engineering, the new machine provides easy access for operation, adjustment and maintenance in the shortest possible time.

Remarkable economics

  • Maximum speed with consistently high quality
  • Optimum output and maximum technical availability
  • Highest precision leads to minimum reject rates


Dependable quality

  • Highest accuracy in positioning of caps
  • Full time closed loop process control
  • Product handling with maximum care and precision

Highest versatility

  • Easily adaptable to new production requirement
  • Expandable and upgradable
  • Largest variability due to modular design


Ease of operation

  • Easy and quick set-up and maintenance
  • Operator friendly user interface with touch screen

The advantages are obvious:

  • Remarkable economics
  • Dependable quality
  • Highest versatility
  • Ease of operation

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