Pre-owned equipment

Pre-owned equipment an overview.

Pre-owned equipment from the OEM, in prime condition!

As OEM we have access to a continuously changing selection of pre-owned machines. In our factory in Eislingen these machines are inspected, disassembled re-conditioned and equipped with new electrics/electronics. Damaged and worn components are replaced with original parts. The documentation is ammended to the respective reconditioned machine status. Upgrades and additional equipment can be integrated as desired. We will deliver and install the reconditioned pre-owned machine at your site according to your specifications.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Short delivery time
  • Know-how and service from the original equipment manufacturer
  • Attractive price point and performance

Your personal contact:

Who else could take better care and re-condition pre-owned Hinterkopf equipment than the OEM?

Stefan Erich Drexler

Stefan Erich Drexler

Tel.: +49(0)7161 8501-955

Fax: +49(0)7161 8501-10

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Used Basic Machine H200 with DW16/7 Printing Unit

For almost every task

The all time classic of Hinterkopf - versatile, reliable and more than 400 times in worldwide use. Offering a capacity of up to 170 pieces per minute, the H200 is the speed generator in production. The H200 basic machine, combined with units for lacquering, printing, varnishing and a thermal drying oven forms the core of a typical Hinterkopf production line. Our all-rounder H200 solves almost every task: the decoration of cans, tubes, bottles and cylindrical containers, whether made of aluminum or plastic, in different shapes and sizes. At a speed of up to 170 pieces per minute, you can always count on the advanced technology. With its seven ink units the DW 16 scores brilliant results for high-quality decoration.

Used laquering machine H200/LW64

Lacquering: base-coat and varnish

Hinterkopf adapted the coating unit LW64 so that they can be combined with various basic machines. The LW64 perfectly harmonises with the basic machines H200 and H240. For easier cleaning and maintenance all coating units are swivel-mounted.

Used Capping Machine A120

Reliable, fast and versatile

Twelve instead of six work stations make the capping machine A120 an extremely versatile partner for the decoration of tubes made of aluminum or plastic. Particularly sensitive contents such as ointments or medical adhesives that contain solvents require special packaging closing air-tight. With its twelve work stations the A120 capping machine handles challenging tasks: it can cool, for example, welded membranes, curl aluminum tubes or provide them with a plastic nipple. The A120 is equipped with a capping unit and works at a production speed of up to 120 units per minute.