Appearance means (almost) everything in cosmetic products. Hinterkopf machines are first choice for the production of your plastic tubes and aerosol cans with significant shapes and fancy decoration.

Arousing interest

The diversity of modern synthetic materials opens up new possibilities to shape and design plastic tubes. They stand securely on their head, remain wrinkle-free and save packaging. Oval shapes of tubes make the exposed surface look better. Larger caps with exceptional shapes arouse the customer’s interest.

Decoration appealing to all senses

Cream, shampoo, shower gel or toothpaste - top products must be different at first glance. An exquisite style indicates significance as an important selling point. Plastic tubes are suitable for both offset printing and screen printing or flexographic printing, the special technology for photo-realistic rendering. With embossing or printing in gold colour, they expand the traditional boundaries of decoration. Since a plastic tube never wrinkles, the imprint remains easily readable during its entire lifetime.

Fine spray or creamy foam

Only aerosol or spray cans are able to either spread fine spray or produce creamy foam when you press a button. Therefore, they are this popular as packaging for fragrances and deodorants, styling mousse and hair spray, sunscreen or shaving foam. Conventional cans consist of wall, bottom and cap. Aerosol cans are instead made from a single piece of metal. Such monobloc cans withstand the internal pressure, the condition for spray or foam.

Printing without seams and joints around

The monobloc can has neither got seams nor joints, so it can be printed all around for special optical effects. Individual forms, including deep necking, with round or flat shoulder and exclusively embossed allow high creativity in decoration.

Decoration and screwing perfectly resolved

For the decoration of plastic packaging, Hinterkopf has developed special combined machines to satisfy with peak performance and compact design. The Hinterkopf capping machines process caps in different shapes and sizes safely and reliably.

Hinterkopf-printing devices with up to nine colours

By using the Hinterkopf DW 20 printing unit and the N40 necking machine, you tap the full potential of the aerosol can: printing with up to nine colours, necking with the highest precision and in all forms as well as a reliable and smooth production without damage.

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