Craft Drinks

Perfect taste inside and perfect decoration outside.

Perfect taste inside and perfect decoration outside.

Over the past several years the craft brewing community have turned the brewing industry on its head. With their creative, new interpretations of traditional beer styles the new brewers worldwide have sparked a passion for beer. Most new players in this space are start-ups: eager to push the boundaries, open to new ideas, highly motivated teams that usually produce small batches of new beers with surprising nuance in flavor.

Other craft beverages have also become established in many regions of the world. Just think of wine or secco drinks, fruit juices, spirits and cocktails. They are all made with selected ingredients, unusual raw materials and, of course, a large portion of passion. Handmade drinks with an individual touch - and Hinterkopf ensures the perfect design of the beverage cans with its digital printing machine.

To package the new creations in beverage cans and distribute them locally or regionally, can be economically challenging: conventional decorating techniques such as dry-offset is pricey for small lots, and in many situations not suitable. Creating printing plates, machine idle times for change-overs, energy intense heat-up times as well as start-up and run waste – all these factors are cost drivers when producing in smaller quantities. Hinterkopf's digital printing technology has established itself as an alternative for such small series in recent years.

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