Whether liquid, pasty or solid – aluminium tubes and cans are first choice in food packaging. The aluminum bottle scores mainly as a marketing tool for premium beverages and brands.

Absolute cleanliness and excellent durability

... are essential for food packaging even if broached. Mustard and mayonnaise, tomato paste, anchovy paste or meat paste win the trust of the consumer at their best if they are presented in aluminum tubes. For high-quality dairy products, such as cream, aluminum cans are the first choice - a clean cinch!

With the new aluminum bottle into premium markets

The aluminum beverage bottle is not intended to replace other types of packaging. Used correctly, it turns out to be high-turnover-prone and an image-supporting marketing tool. Thus, you conquer new premium markets, launch high-priced or trendy products and give your brand a modern image.

Substantial benefits

The latest trend comes from the U.S. where some well-known breweries such as Budweiser bank on the beer bottle made of aluminum. Aluminum combines substantial benefits to glass bottles such as lower weight, optimum reusability and faster cooling with marketing opportunities - such as sponsorship of sports, music and other events. Aluminum bottles are unbreakable, safe in terms of nutrition and, thanks to their specific properties, they provide a better energy balance than other packaging materials.

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