Technical Products

The solutions you realise with Hinterkopf production lines are as flexible as the requirements of technical products concerning packaging are varied. Aluminium as a raw material provides the required properties.

Fitting the requirements at any time

Many technical products contain solvents that should neither penetrate the packaging nor corrode or even dissolve it. It proves for example the quality of highlighters if the fluorescent ink is housed in aluminium sleeves. Containers with significantly more volume are required for the interior of fire extinguishers – as much as pressure resistance and long life time.

Cigar sleeves, spice shakers or bottles for outdoor sports promise guaranteed freshness if they are made of aluminium. At the same time shape and decoration of the aluminium packaging communicate your advertising message and your brand image.

There will be more attention on energy and the carbon footprint of packaging in the future. Thus light weight, unlimited recyclability and safe protection against solvent vapours give aluminium packaging a superior position.

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