Service for digital printing machines

tailored solutions

Our comprehensive service offerings allow you to focus on what’s most important. We offer quick, efficient and reliable access to expert know-how and support as well as spare parts in OEM quality. Jointly we optimize your productivity in all areas. We react quickly, reliably and flexible to ensure high uptime of your digital printing machine.

Digital printing machines are incredibly complex, which is the reason why service for such systems should be handled by experts. The printing hardware by itself, and also the drive technology demand expert knowledge, as do the three computer systems of the machine (HMI, printing engine and print inspection camera).

You can count on our highly skilled technicians, who are available for you to provide optimum professional support for your digital printing machine.

Our service offerings at a glance:

  • 24/7 Expert-Support
  • Maintenance & Upkeep
  • Remote Services
  • OEM spare parts
  • On-site Service
  • Upgrades & Retrofits
  • Color-Management
  • Training
  • IT-Integration
  • Print production planning
  • Installation & Machine Relocation

NEW: Service Center Colorado (USA)

Hinterkopf Service Inc.
2246 Zurich Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Jochen Reinhold
Senior Service Engineer & Branch Manager
Mobile: +1 970 691 8392

Isabel Adelman
Commercial Director
Mobile: +1 970 691 7713

Moritz Kotre
Service Ingenieur
Mobile: +1 970 691 7460

Your personal contact:

Jochen Reinhold
Head of Service Digital Printing Machines
Phone: +49 7161 8501 830

Benjamin Matern
Service Engineer
Telefon: +49 7161 8501 834

Steffen Bernard
Service Engineer
Telefon: +49 7161 8501 832

Extended Service Hotline:

You can reach our service experts from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on +49 7161 8501 888.
After that, you will be forwarded to our service office in the USA until 01:00 am (8h).