The all time classic of Hinterkopf - versatile, reliable and more than 150 times in worldwide use. Offering a capacity of up to 200 pieces per minute, the H200 is the speed generator in production.

For almost every task

The H200 basic machine, combined with units for lacquering, printing, varnishing and a thermal drying oven forms the core of a typical Hinterkopf production line. Our all-rounder H200 solves almost every task: the decoration of cans, tubes, bottles and cylindrical containers, whether made of aluminum or plastic, in different shapes and sizes. At a speed of up to 200 pieces per minute, you can always count on the advanced technology.


Typical of the H200 is the angled infeed conveyor, pulling the tubes or cans off the transport chain and pushing them onto the mandrels of the twelve-partite mandrel plate that runs in an indexed way.
After decoration, a drawing-off device with rotatable head takes two parts simultaneously off the mandrels, pushes them on the conveyor chain and sends them through the dryer which is installed on top of the machine to save space. 

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