Faster, more compact and even safer in production - the H240 type is one of a new generation of Hinterkopf basic machines.

Producing precisely and faster

Outstanding features of the basic machine H240 are the high production rate of up to 240 pieces per minute and its special solution for a safe and precise transport of cans or tubes. They change from the transport chain to a transfer drum with vacuum troughs, to continue via a star wheel to the 16 mandrels of the indexed mandrel plate.
For the triple unloading from the mandrel onto the continuously running transport chain you need less and slower strokes are needed- this means less force acting on the machine and the products despite an increased speed!
A separate servomotor drives the unloading unit, stroke and movement can optimally be adapted to the size of the tubes and cans.

Space-saving design

The switch cabinets are compactly installed on the back side of the machine so that you gain overview in the production facilities. 
Of particular interest for the use in the pharmaceutical and food industry: Automatic glass doors shut the machine during production and guarantee the highest cleanliness. 


The H240 also proves its flexibility when changing over to other formats. All transfer elements are easily accessible from the front and equipped with quick-change devices.

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