The Hinterkopf K080 offers a compact basic machine for the cost-efficient decoration of smaller amounts of plastic tubes and hoses. The K080 combines several working steps which are otherwise only mastered in a bigger machine - as a stand-alone machine or in line. 

Adaptive all-rounder

The K080 is a real all-rounder in the decoration of plastic tubes and sleeves. The combining talent does the pretreatment of the surface by corona or flame treatment and prints with up to seven UV inks. A UV curing system for polymerising the printing inks and a coating unit (LW 72) for overvarnishing are integrated in the K080. In the last step the K080 transfers the tubes to the next machines - for example, an external UV curing oven or a Hinterkopf capping machine.

Convenient control

In operation, the K080 proves to be very adaptable to the conditions of production because of the independent three-phase servomotors of the drive. Over a movable control panel at the front of the machine you conveniently control the various stages of decoration such as pretreatment, printing or coating.

Stand-alone or in line

With a capacity of up to 80 plastic tubes or sleeves per minute, the K080 can operate as a stand-alone machine. The individual parts are laid on the straight infeed conveyor by hand.
Particularly interesting are the gradual expansion options for individual components such as accumulator, UV curing oven or capping machine to build a complete production line with the K080 as a central unit.


With the K080, the customer receives a highly flexible solution that adapts to the growing demands of his production.

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