With a 20-partite mandrel plate, the Hinterkopf K200 basic machine offers highestf performance in the decoration of plastic tubes and sleeves. It processes up to 200 pieces per minute within the production line.

High performance for the production

The K200 is the big brother to the K080. It spots more than double the production capacity and is specifically designed for inline operation.
The infeed chain conveys the tubes or sleeves from the header or the accumulator on to the angled infeed conveyor, which pulls off the parts from the chain pins. Other features of the K200 are the two-step pusher for the transfer to the mandrels and the 20-partite mandrel plate.


Together with a UV or circulating air oven for the varnish and a Hinterkopf capping machine, with the K200 the customer receives a high-performance system for the decoration of plastic tubes and sleeves.

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