Digital printer | D120

Compact entry level machine, future proof with all advantages.

Compact version of the revolutionary D240

The family of digital printing machines made by Hinterkopf started with the D240. The latest family member D120 provides optimum print on demand at very reasonable cost. Changeover times and plate costs for job changes are eliminated, thus making minumum order quantities or sample production economically viable. The D120 comes future proof for your growing business: double production capacity with an upgrade at a later time.


The key advantages of D120 at a glance:

  • Virtually endless design possibilities
  • Fotorealistic images and razor sharp text and type
  • Optimum workflow and ease of operation
  • Impressive economics 
  • Minimum job turn around time
  • Flexible, powerful and resource efficient

Optimum print quality:

  • Print resolution up to 1.200 dpi
  • Optimum ink coverage
  • Nuanced color gradient and shading
  • Razor sharp printed edges
  • Type size as low as 2pt. (positive) and 3pt. (reverse)

Global Market

Design Concept

Limited Edition


D120 Applikationen

There are nearly endless applications for digitally decorated tubes, aerosol cans, bottles and cartridges, as well as other cylinderical hollow bodies made from aluminum, steel or plastic:

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Technical Products
  • and lots more

Easy and intuitive operation

D240 Bedienung

Operating the D240 is as simple as can be – similar to a smartphone, intuitive and self explanatory. The machine comes with an innovative operating interface based on a 42“ TFT touch panel, which was specifically designed for industrial application. Numerous operating and machines conditions are displayed and controlled at your fingertips, along with the queue of print jobs and a image from the print inspection system. Ease of operation means the elimination of intensive training, while possible operator errors are reduced to a minimum.

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