DW 20

Hinterkopf's latest development fascinates by features and performance. With nine ink units and four blankets, the DW 20 reproduces even complex models in a perfect quality.

Compact design

Real class matters in the result, not in size. The DW 20 surprises despite its nine ink units with its compact, space-saving design.

Top technology for top performance

With the help of three servomotors you position printing unit DW 20 exactly relative to the mandrel - in the section, in the depth position and at the tip. You check the current position reliably by a digital display on the touchscreen that lets you determine the ink quantity with a programmable logic controller (PLC).
For a maximum convenience you save all the setting values assigned to the respective articles.
You practically exclude possible faults during the print if you monitor the print image using the optional print camera.

Hinterkopf-Druckwerke denken mit

The "No tube, no print"-control of the DW 20 is one of many intelligent details of all Hinterkopf-printing units. It reacts by hydraulically pulling back the printing unit and interrupting the ink flow by the digital ink quantity control. So you avoid an excessive inking of the printing plate.


Constantly perfect print quality from the first to the last piece demands precision and high technology.