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D240.2 – Digital Printing meets PANTONE®*
Expanded color space thanks to 7-color separation

Compare and experience –
Brilliant colors and more accurate matching of Pantone colors

This third tube mailing contains 24 plastic tubes, each with 41 Pantone colors, for the incredible total of 984 different and amazing colors. They were all decorated with the latest generation of the D240.2 digital printer. Thanks to the new 7 color separation (CMYK, Orange, Violet, Green) the D240.2 achieves an extremely high degree of color match. The additional process colors expand the printable color space, and allow for even more vivid and life-like colors and better color match. Experience yourself the amazing quality, and compare the enclosed samples to original Pantone swatches.

D240.2 closes the loop of digital workflows
From creative ideas through graphic design with applications such as InDesign or Photoshop, all the way to printing of tubes, now every step of the digital workflow is digitally connected and seamlessly integrated. Calibrated output systems, digital inks and processes enable a fast and efficient process with reduced cost.

If you are also interested in sample tubes, please reach out to us. We would be delighted to prepare your individual sample according to your requirements. Please reach out to us also for any other question you may have:

Hinterkopf GmbH
Johanna Hirner
Tel.  +49 7161 8501-391


* PANTONE® is a registrated Trademark.

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