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Exciting new generation digital printing machine launched!

Already the third generation digital printing machine by Hinterkopf launched in September 2020. The original D240 initially came to market with 4 color printing, and was optimized over the recent years. Overvarnish and additional colors were added, as did tactile surface printing and other improvements. Over time, by early 2020 the D240.2 with 7 color printing (CMYK, orange, violet and green) plus white ink was developed. This machine covers a remarkable color space with incredible print quality.  

The brand new D360.3 is even more advanced, comes with additional improvements and provides higher output. The newcomer is a remarkable trailblazer in many aspects. With up to 12 color decoration, the D360.3 digital printer decorates lip-stick sleeves in perfect quality, virtually eliminates waste and offers the maximum productivity from the very first product.

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