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D480.2 – the best of two worlds

With the brand new D480.2, Hinterkopf presents already it’s fourth generation of digital printing systems. The innovative concepts is based on over 10 years of proven technology, and offers customers a vastly expanded range of possibilities in decoration of packaging – translucent colors, gloss or barrier coatings to name only a few. The design teams at Hinterkopf have incorporated classic analog stations to the otherwise fully digital printing system. As Alexander Hinterkopf, managing director at Hinterkopf explains: „Not all finishing processes can be realized through digital printing. That is the reason why we offer customers options such as adding engraved anilox rollers to elevate advanced high-end packaging with tactile effects.” In order to ensure reliable drying of such special coatings, a specific additional station can be integrated to the D480.2 digital printer.  

Another new feature of the new system are new translucent inks, for example to add very lightly pigmented coatings. The decoration with high-gloss coatings is also possible. A total of 24 stations can be integrated into the D480.2 machine. The exact configuration of options will be specifically designed to customer requirements.   

Optimum color match

When it comes to packaging design, almost everything is possible for D480.2 customers. Seven-color capability ensures optimum color match, where the full Pantone spectrum is available. “This is critical for the production of high-end packaging“, states Hinterkopf. The launch customer for the D480.2 machine will use the state-of-the-art digital printer for high-end cosmetics packaging. In addition to its technical capabilities, the new machine is also ideal for resource- and energy efficient production of tubes, aerosol cans, bottles, cartridges and other cylindrical hollow containers made from aluminum, steel of plastic.  

Optimum sustainability

With the brand new, fourth generation digital printing system from Hinterkopf, customers can contribute to sustainability in manufacturing. There are no physical printing plates required, there is hardly any excess ink usage, and print quality is consistent from first to last copy. At the same time, the digital printing system is economical even for very small production lots. Direct to container printing eliminates any labels and adhesives with harmful ingredients.

Less micro-plastic

The D480.2 digital printer allows the use of barrier coatings. With packaging made from mono-layer bio-degradable packaging, these coatings ensure the migration of volatile ingredients such as water or lipid to the outside, or air getting into the packaging. This type of recyclable packaging already replaces conventional packaging made from non-degradable plastic and helps reduce the amount of micro-plastic released into the environment.