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Discover boundless possibilities for resource efficient and high-fidelity digital printing on plastic tubes.

This colorful assortment of plastic tubes was recently decorated with the latest generation digital printer D240.2. In February 24 differently designed tubes will be delivered to our customers. Experience the incredible print quality.

The tubes included in this shipment were printed with 6 colour separation process (CMYK, Orange (O), Violet (V)) and on various substrates (white, black, transparent and metallic). Some of the samples were coated with full coverage, others only partially or spot coated with a tactile coating, which provides both a visual and physical dimension. Some samples come with a matte satin finish, other in high gloss and at times added matted spot effects. In some selected areas a white background was printed or white was used as a color.

Thanks to refined and mature technology, the D240.2 operates with optimum resource efficiency. Start-up waste is eliminated, as is production run waste. Production overruns are a thing of the past. D240.2 produces without solvents and excess ink waste. Advantages such as these provide economic benefits, help improve your company’s environmental profile and make your offerings more attractive to your customers.

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