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DS Containers Batavia Illinois (USA)
Four new necking machines type N50.3 produce with maximum reliability and resource efficiency

DS Containers started operations in 2005 with the production of a new two-piece polymer coated steel aerosol can. Since its inception DS Containers has grown to become one of the major players in the aerosol can industry. Part of DS Containers guiding principles from the beginning were environmentally sustainable production and technology leadership. It was therefore a logical next step to expand their offerings to thin walled monobloc aluminum aerosol cans utilizing the draw and wall ironing (DWI) process.

Environmental efficiency and productivity are strengths of Hinterkopf GmbH, who supported DS Containers with four necking machines type N50.3. The four machines allow production of thin wall cans made from recycled aluminum alloys, and are installed on what is currently the fastest aluminum aerosol can line in the world. Hinterkopf N50.3 neckers come with 50 stations for complex necking and shaping of cans and bottles. They enable DS Containers to offer monobloc aluminum aerosol cans in a short lead time, with diameters 45mm and 53mm, and finished can heights ranging from 110 mm to 215 mm. Recycled content (typically up to 50%) and thin wall aluminum reduces the use of raw materials, helps save energy and CO2 emissions.

Leading brands from personal care and food trust DS Containers, and Hinterkopf GmbH is proud to be a partner in this innovative project.

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