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Engineered Sustainability – resource efficient production with digital printing solutions

Digital printing operates without a physical printing plate, the packaging design and artwork is sent directly from the computer system to the printing machine. There are no energy intense heating-up periods, and also no ink waste. Most of all, production is consistent from the very first to the last copy. Run waste, so common in conventional systems, does virtually not exist in digital production. Without plate wear coming into play, color is consistent throughout production, and color match for reruns is a given.

With print results predictable from first to last copy, surplus production can be avoided. Digital printing has a consistent linear cost structure, eliminating the need to run extra cans for inventory. Re-runs are easily achieved by print-on-demand, which helps to reduce material consumption significantly. In conventional production, on average, 5% of containers produced never get filled. With digital printing, production can be managed to the exact quantity needed.

Among the first companies which used digital printers made by Hinterkopf is Ritter in Geramny. Thanks to their D240 machines, this packaging producer saved in the first year with their first D240 machine an impressive 210 tons of plastic, 15 tons of industrial waste and 3 tons of ink, compared to their screen-printing systems which were typical for the industry until recently.

In addition: our third generation N50 necking machine also allows for a more sustainable production. Its technology allows the production of aluminum cans with wall thickness reduced by up to 30% compared to conventional packaging.

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