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F300A – Technology high-light for finishing of tubes at incredible speed and optimum

Highly versatile in-line finishing machine for tubes from aluminum or plastic, with the widest array of caps and closures. Impressive speeds of up to 300 tubes per minute. The machine finishes tubes with the desired caps automatically. As a trademark of Hinterkopf engineering, the new machine provides easy access for operation, adjustment and maintenance in the shortest possible time.

Impressive Efficiency

  • High speed with consistent quality
  • Optimum throughput and maximum uptime
  • Precision engineering for minimal scrap rate

Dependable Quality

  • High precision positioning of caps
  • Permanent closed-loop process monitoring
  • Meticulous, precision handling of caps

High Flexibility

  • Adaptable for changing product requirements
  • Modular expandable, to add functionality economically
  • Versatile design concept due to modular approach

Easy Handling

  • Quick and efficient adjustments and change-overs
  • Superior operability with user friendly touch-panel interface

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