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First impact extrusion press made by Hinterkopf to start operation

Please visit out factory in Eislingen/Germany between March 10 – 12, and witness live the start of operation for the very first impact extrusion press made by Hinterkopf. It was at the end of 2018 when Hinterkopf GmbH acquired the exclusive license for the manufacture and sale of impact extrusion presses of the XS and XL line from Schuler, with press forces ranging from 150 tons to 400 tons. Very soon we will reach the point of completion of the first X300S impact extrusion press made by Hinterkopf.

Proven design elements by Schuler were retained and optimized. New concepts and functionalities were added. Among those are:

  • Tool less punch head exchange.
  • New die clamping system, allowing centering of die from outside.
  • Minimized contamination of knuckle-joint operating area.
  • Re-designed fluid management, with drastically improved access and maintenance.
  • Brand new user interface with operator friendly TIA controls made by Siemens.

True to our motto “a new star is rising”, the event at Hinterkopf will be treated to delicacies created by Michelin star awarded chef Rolf Straubinger.

Please reserve your individual appointment
We will gladly assist with the planning around your visit to our factory. Please reserve your individual appointment.

We are looking forward to your visit and to many inspiring conversations.


Alexander Hinterkopf


Any questions can be addressed to your contact at Hinterkopf:

Johanna Hirner
Phone  +49 7161 8501-391
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