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L060 – laser trimming machine for large diameter containers

Hinterkopf’s L060 performs trimming of large diameter aluminium containers and heavy wall thickness with non-contacting laser technology. Due to advanced laser technology, the trim quality remains consistent, from first to the last container of a production run, to exact specifications.

Non-contacting laser technology eliminates the need for re-sharpening of knives, and periodic replacement of knives. Trim parameters are entered easily through a touchscreen user interface, saving time and ensuring reliably and exact results.

The difference to conventional and laser technology is obvious when it comes to trim forces involved. With the L060, trim forces are virtually non existent, which is optimum protection from dents and deformations.

Advantages of minimum trim length: L060 saves material through minimum trim requirements. Laser technology and digital trim data entry allow significantly higher accuracy, which translates to less minimum trim length. This saves material and improves economics. 

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