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N40.4 XL – the mega former

The brand new necking machine type N40.4 XL marks another milestone development by Germany based Hinterkopf GmbH. Necking machines by Hinterkopf are best known for speed, precision and ease of operation. They integrate seamlessly with the production line, and give cans their finishing touch – the shape.

A revolutionary feature of the new necking machine is its ability to process cans with diameter up to 88mm and 1mm wall thickness. The powerful new machine is ideally suited for specialized products such as fire extinguishers, whipped cream cans and for processing of high strength alloys. With these types of cans the powerful new machine applies its impressive forming force of up to 98kN.

The brand new N40.4 XL necking machine features state of the art technology for optimum precision, quality and consistency, as well as ease of operation and maintenance. Necking machines from the N40 family achieve maximum production speeds by means of variable stroke and the most advanced design concept in the industry. Its design based on linear ball bearings makes the N40.4 XL more precise compared to other competitors.

Necking machines and technology leadership from Hinterkopf ensure premium quality and customer satisfaction.

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