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New microsite with focus on digital printing by Hinterkopf

Over the past years Hinterkopf GmbH has acquired a large amount of experience regarding digital printing on cylindrical hollow containers. This experience was applied with much success to our customers’ benefit. A total of 14 digital printing machines in the field have produced a combined total of over 400 million containers with impressive print quality.

The latest experience from the field leads to ongoing improvements of the technology, which we showcase on our brand-new website dedicated to digital printing. Here we highlight the variety of substrates which can be decorated with our line-up of digital printers. We kick-off with eight different types of containers and will add more in the future. In the end you can expect over 20 containers for different applications.

The new web page will get updated continuously, and we hope you will come back periodically for new content. We welcome your feedback and we are looking forward to hearing from you.



Alexander Hinterkopf

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