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New production line for Ball Mexico

Ball Corporation completed the factory acceptance of their new aerosol can production line at the factory in Eislingen in November 2017. Ball Corp., founded in 1880 as Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, is currently the largest manufacturer worldwide for aluminum cans, with headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado (USA). The new can line is planned to start production by the end of February at the Ball factory location in San Luis Potosi in Mexico. 

The new can line will become already the seventh production line from Hinterkopf at this location. Aluminum cans produced in San Luis Potosi mainly serve the high end cosmetics industry. The main focus will be on cans with diameter 45mm. Highlights of the new production line include a state of the art necking machine with 50 stations, type N50.3, and H240 decorating machines including a 9 color printer. This necking machine is a particular highlight, being the first of its kind in North or South America.

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