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Perfect taste inside – perfectly printed outside

Whether Scottish, Welsh, Irish or English – as different as the country and its people may be, they all have one thing in common: the love of a real, handmade beer.

Just as craft beer brewers put all their experience and passion into producing and maturing a unique beer, we have applied our German engineering know-how and craftsmanship here at HINTERKOPF into developing the presumably best digital printing machine of the world.

So what could be better than combining the best of both worlds? Perfect taste inside as well as a perfectly printed design outside of the can – the highest pleasure for the palate and the eye. And the best news is: Small and very small runs are now possible, quickly and economically at any time.

Thanks to state-of-the art seven color technology (CMYK, orange, violet and green), the D240.2 digital printing machine by HINTERKOPF offers a greatly increased color space for all beverage cans, which allows for even more vibrant colors and exact color matching.

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