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Ritter orders 3rd Digital Printing Machine

In the spring of 2015, the Ritter company in Schwabmuenchen/Germany entered a new era of resource efficient production of cartridges, with the first D240 digital printer by Hinterkopf. Only 6 months later, the second D240 machine was ordered. May 2017 marks the delivery of the third digital printing machine type D240.

Proven in daily production, with mature technology

After several months of daily around the clock production with the first two machines, managing directors Ralf and Frank Ritter summarize their experience: The technical advantages and resource efficiency of D240 have clearly succeeded in daily production. At the same time, the Ritter company is excited about the achievable print quality which opens up entirely new possibilities for product design. This success was the reason to buy a third identical machine type D240 from Hinterkopf in 2016. With this third project in short succession, the two companies expand their technology partnership. At the same time, the latest investment is further sign of a committment to resource efficient „just in time“ production.

Exciting product design capabilities and optimum flexibility

For large quantity production, D240 is the technology of choice to maximize the appeal and marketing impact of a packaging container by means of optimum print quality and special effects. At several trade shows it was demonstrated successfully that marketing departments seek outstanding print quality and design effects to differentiate their products in the marketplace. It is simply a logical next step for Hinterkopf to expand its lead when it comes to digital printing. With the new D120 digital printer, Hinterkopf launches an entry level product with many key aspects of the proven D240. The new D120 is best suited as a stand alone solution for production of short run, top quality packaging containers. Customers are increasingly for these products, for instance to facilitate marketing launches of new products or special editions for regional markets. With its optimum flexibility, digital printing has the best potential for these situations. 

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