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Secure your free sample box of craft beer beverage cans

A total of 12 digital printing machines made by Hinterkopf are currently in production and have decorated a total of over 350 million containers. Every day over a million containers are added to that grand total. Four of those machines are dedicated to the decoration of beverage cans.   

With its finely tuned technology, the Hinterkopf digital printer achieves brilliant colors and achieves an incredible color match. Inks are cured by means of LED-UV, which consumes only a tenth of the energy when compared to conventional drying systems.   

In digital printing, the creative packaging design is sent directly from the computer to the printing machine. Costly change-over times and warming-up phases are eliminated. This results in savings of time and money, plus it makes the production of repeat orders effortless. Production of seasonal products or special editions costs hardly more compared to regular larger production lots.

Last not least: the printed result is consistent from the very first to the final package. Start-up waste is eliminated, as is run waste due to plate wear. All factors combined makes the production of minimal quantities very economical. The machine produces the exactly desired number of copies, without overages or excess production.   

Please convince yourself of the high print quality with your free of charge personal set of sample craft beer beverage cans. 

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