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Shaping the future with digital printing

Maximum Quality and Optimum Flexibility
Digitalisation at industrial scale

Declining consumer confidence is one of the reasons why a growing number of producers of tubes, cans and cartridges made from aluminum or plastics prefer smaller manufacturing lot sizes. Cost efficient decoration of small lots is made possible with the D240 digital printer made by Hinterkopf.

Over 310 million containers (as of May 15, 2020) have been produced on D240 machines by Hinterkopf customers since the product launched seven years ago. Digital printers enable the industry to adopt digitalization on an industrial scale. Thanks to D240 our customers have arrived in the future. Digital printing is fast, flexible and cost efficient, for example by eliminating the need for warehousing of products. In addition, digital printing is the prerequisite for networked manufacturing. Presently there are companies in China, Germany, Canada, Austria, Poland and Spain which are utilizing Hinterkopf digital printing technology for the production of goods in the areas of phamaceutical, cosmetics and food.

Cost efficient decoration with maximum quality

Advantages of digital printing are not limited to production of large quantities. Since there are no physical films or plates required, the approved artwork is sent directly to the processing hardware inside the digital printer. Distance between graphic arts department and digital printer becomes irrelevant.  High speed data connections allow worldwide data transmission almost in real time. Change-over times and energy intense warm-up phases do not exist in digital printing. This results in savings of both time and money, and makes repeat orders easy. Print quality is consistent from the very first to last product. Waste from start-up as well as from wear of printing plates does not exist, further reducing costs in particular when producing small production lots.  

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