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Successful start-up of equipment for production of aerosol cans at Aeroball

On June 2, 2020 new equipment made by Hinterkopf (machine type H240) for the production of aerosol cans at Aeroball/Russia was successfully started up. At Aeroball’s plant location in Nevinnomyssk (Region Stavropol) the equipment acceptance run was conducted with production of aerosol cans with diameter 45mm, finished can height 150mm and round shoulder.    

Aeroball produces its products not only for the domestic Russian marked, but also for international markets and for leading brands from the cosmetics industry. Due to the difficult situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Aeroball personnel had to conduct the acceptance run independently, without the Hinterkopf team on site. During this time, the Hinterkopf technicians were connected to the machines remotely and on stand-by. Right from the start the machines achieved a speed of 200 pieces per minute over an 8-hour period at over 92% saleable product output.  

Congratulations to the Aeroball team for the successful machine commissioning, and thank you very much for your trust in our technology.  

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