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Sustainable Packaging – with the brand new H210 production line

Today we have some great news and some not-so-good news. First the not so good news: the transfer machine type H200, trusted workhorse for many years, is retiring. The good news, however, its successor, the innovative and efficient next generation transfer machine type H210 is ready to go. That is actually very good news: at speeds of up to 210 cycles per minute you can rely on refined technology.

From now on we offer to our customers complete H210 production lines for aerosol cans, bottles, cylinders, and tubes, made from aluminum or plastic. Each of these production lines is custom engineered and designed to customer technical specifications and space requirements.

Key strengths of the new H210 machines and production lines include very high resource efficiency and optimum economics (Total cost of ownership). The most advanced design concepts in mechanics, electrics, electronics, and software were perfectly matched to achieve minimum energy consumption. The robust design, a trademark of Hinterkopf transfer machines, ensures maximum reliability over the course of the industry leading machine life cycle.

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