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Transfer Machine C400 – Continuous transfer for higher sustainability


Indexing production always comes with periodic standstill.

Hinterkopf has overcome this limitation with their brand new C400 transfer machine, a technology breakthrough for continuous manufacturing of cans or bottles. The machine operates continuously without the characteristic stop-and-go known from indexing machines, the specific energy consumption per container is reduced by up to 50%.

Continuity for increased performance

Rhythm and speed in harmony, for optimum production. Transfer machines made by Hinterkopf ensure both. Finely tuned combinations of base-coat, printing and overvarnish machines along with drying systems are at the core of an automated production line for the decoration of cans and bottles from aluminum.   

The newest generation of the C400 transfer machine is Hinterkopf’s solution for future markets. Rapidly changing conditions require flexible responses to satisfy shifting demands, and often call for large quantities produced within short timeframes. This is where continuous transfer achieves much higher performance compared to indexing production systems. 

400 Cans or bottles per minute

The fascinating harmonious transfer at highest speeds is the result of extensive research and development, which enables Hinterkopf to be the first to break through previously unsurmountable speed barriers. Individually programmed servo motors control all circular movements – with higher precision and better continuity than previously achievable with indexing gear systems.

C400 performance speaks for itself, with up to 400 cans and bottles per minute. As a technology platform for the future, C400 gives customers the boost necessary for never-before-seen production speed.

Your advantages:

  • Drastically reduced energy consumption
  • Less wear and tear
  • Maximum speed
  • Increased output
  • Reduced noise
  • Lower mass is moved

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