Impact extrusion presses

Optimized knee lever design leads to homogenous forming process

A new generation of Impact Extrusion Presses

Impact extrusion presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of cans, tubes and a whole series of similar formed industrial parts. Starting material is a slug several millimeters thick. The material flows during this process by backward extrusion between die and punch. In this way, thin-walled aluminum cylinders are produced.

Another processing variant is combined forward and backward extrusion for parts used primarily as components for the automobile and electronics sectors, such as, for example, fuel filters. In the recent past, Schuler has sold more than 600 such impact extrusion presses. The new XS series is offered in capacities between 1,500 and 4,000 kN and are notable for a low-impact forming thanks to a modified knuckle drive.

Service and support for impact-extrusion presses will also be handled by Hinterkopf.

Operational support, repairs, upgrade as well as a spare and wear parts for existing machines are offered. As machine experts with full line responsibility, Hinterkopf also offers process and performance optimization for customers with installed equipment.

Your advantages

  • Modified knuckle-joint drive permits a constant
    speed during forming
  • Possible part spectrum: part lengths up to
    465 mm and a max. diameter of 150 mm
  • Play-free slide guiding
  • Indexing plate for reliable work piece handling
  • Simple set-up and operation