Trimming and Brushing Machine B240

The latest Hinterkopf development is the B240 trimming and brushing machine. With the B240 Hinterkopf is closing the gap between the press and the internal lacquering unit.


With its new B240 trimming and brushing machine Hinterkopf has reached another milestone on the way to be an overall supplier of highspeed lines for the production of aerosol cans.

The B240 trimming and brushing machine is based on the H240 basic machine. The 16-station mandrel plate offers plenty of space for work and monitoring stations and the well known triple transfer from the mandrels onto the continuously running pin chain ensures a smooth running. As in the H240, the transfer unit is driven by a servomotor, its motion can be adjusted to the can length. Short can, short stroke – long can, long stroke.

Besides, the B240 has the following outstanding features: A separate driven and control system and the known design of the H240 basic machine. Big acrylic-glass doors create transparency, the pivotable operating panel ensures its easy operation and allows acces to the integrated operating and service manuals.

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