From its beginnings in 1962, the family run enterprise has become the world leader in machines and materials for the production and decoration of cylindrical hollow bodies - a success story!

Typical Swabian, typical Hinterkopf

Ingenuity, hard work and striving for continuous improvement are the basis for the success of the medium-sized family owned company located in southern Germany, between Stuttgart and the Swabian Alb.

Hinterkopf sets the standards - again and again

Hinterkopf continues to set new standards in the production and decoration of tubes, cans and sleeves made of aluminium or plastic. The company founder develops in the sixties the legendary robot which replaces the manual work in the transfer of tubes. For more than three decades, mechanically synchronised production lines represented the latest technology - until the Hinterkopf design engineers overcome this seemingly solid border with a completely new facility that produces now continuously at an amazingly high speed.

High Tech made in Eislingen

High-tech designed by Hinterkopf engineers, reliability and flexibility characterise the Hinterkopf modular system concept. This allows the customer in the packaging industry to react optimally and quickly to changing market demands.
The basic machines, replacing the robot, printing and lacquering units, capping machines, necking and trimming machines, washing machines, accumulators and various special machines are the elements of the Hinterkopf product range.

Apprenticeship training positions

Every year Hinterkopf offers apprenticeship training positions for industrial and commercial professions. In our in-house training workshop trainees from other companies in the area are included during their first year. 
Hinterkopf offers trainees the choice of the following professions:

  • industrial mechanic
  • precision mechanic
  • electronic technician for automation

Family enterprise with 230 employees

Hinterkopf GmbH (ltd.) has been a family run enterprise until today, now led by the second generation. It employs 230 persons at its headquarters in Eislingen.