Who proudly displays his wrinkles shows character. Thus the aluminum tube sets itself apart from its counterparts made of plastic. Pressed a thousand times, every time it retains its new shape and protects its content - with all its wrinkles.

There's more to it than beauty.

There's more to it than beauty. Therefore, the aluminum tube stands up to the growing diversity of its variants made of plastic, and certainly in the pharmaceutical industry.
Its main feature is its increasingly wrinkled appearance during use. Each time, the aluminum tube stays just as compressed as its user put it away. The advantage is that the remaining contents of the deformed tube always fills it completely.

Your first choice

Neither oxygen nor moisture is pulled in its interior, so the aluminum tube keeps the contents very well fresh. Thereby ointments even in longer broached tubes always have the required degree of efficiency.
Furthermore, neither fragrances nor solvents escape. Therefore, the aluminum tube is the first choice for medical ointments. They can be dosed best if you squeeze them off an aluminum tube.

Production lines for all shapes and sizes

Having a Hinterkopf aluminium tube line you will change to the safe side. You produce in an absolutely clean atmosphere – if required also under cleanroom conditions. This also applies to the screwing-on of caps and closures. You will decorate a variety of shapes, even pointed tubes or smallest sizes without the least deformation.

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