Basic machines

With the suitable stroke and pace, production runs smoothly. The Hinterkopf basic machines guarantee this. In combination with coating, printing and varnishing units and a drying system, they form the core of a fully automated production line for the decoration of cans and tubes of made of aluminium or plastic.

Ensuring that production runs smoothly

The perfect synchronisation between a continuous material flow and intermittent decorating spots has been the strength of the basic machines - for more than 40 years. An exception is the C400: Hinterkopf was the first in the branch to realise all processes without interruption in them.

Individual machine concepts

Mitarbeiter bedient Maschine A

With its individual machine concepts Hinterkopf meets all customer requirements in view of a most economical and flexible manufacturing. This is our understanding of technology partnership.

The basic machine programme of Hinterkopf

Maschine B
  • H200 for cans, bottles and tubes and cylindrical containers
  • H240 for cans, bottles, tubes
  • C400 for cans and bottles
  • K080 for tubes made of plastic
  • K200 for tubes made of plastic

Hinterkopf basic machines