Step by step production necessarily implies a synchronised pause. Hinterkopf overcomes this obstacle with the technological breakthrough for the continuous production of cans or bottles.

For the markets of the future

With the basic machine C400 Hinterkopf gives the modern answer to the demands of the future: producing fast for fast-growing markets, flexible response to new market opportunities and large production rates - immediately.
Behind the fascinating flow of production at full speed with no interruption there is some development work: Hinterkopf was the first to break seemingly insurmountable boundaries. Individually programmable servomotors control all circular movements - more accurately and smoothly than the conventional indexing technology.


The performance of the C400 speaks for itself: up to 400 cans or bottles per minute! With the C400 as a technology leader of the future, the customer receives the turbo for an unprecedented pace of production.


Hinterkopf basic machines