Drying Ovens

Air circulation or radiation drying ovens, with gas, electric or water heating: Hinterkopf delivers the best drying oven for every specification. They also fulfil high safety and environmental standards.

Für jede Anforderung und jedes Produkt liefert Hinterkopf den optimalen Trockner.

Gas heating, electric heating, UV

If large tubes or cans are produced a gas-heated drying oven is the first choice. It heats up quickly and achieves a strong heating power. Lower energy costs and higher efficiency are the benefits for the customer.

Approved Safety

The safety devices and the execution of all Hinterkopf drying ovens are in accordance with the standards EN1539/NFPA86, as are the individually calculated exhaust air quantities.

Hot water heater especially for plastic tubes

The air circulation drying ovens heated with hot water play a special role. They dry especially plastic tubes reliably even at a relatively low temperature of 55 to 65 degrees Celsius and are easy to dose. This technique is particularly economical and environment-friendly if the drying oven is operated with the heat energy created in the after-burning of solvents. Aluminium cans and tubes dry at a temperature of 120 to 180 degrees Celsius.

Für jede Anforderung und jedes Produkt liefert Hinterkopf den optimalen Trockner.

Electrically heated air circulation drying oven as an alternative

If safety provisions or the lack of availability exclude the use of gas, electrically heated air circulation drying ovens are an alternative. They reach the necessary temperature more slowly, on the other hand you can dispense the heating power much finer than that of gas. These features recommend the electrically heated Hinterkopf air circulation drying oven especially for small, delicate tubes.

With the power of the artificial sun

Radiation drying ovens use the power of the artificial sun. UV lamps dry special inks and lacquers, curing them by polymerisation. Because of their compact size UV drying ovens are integrated in the combined Hinterkopf machines K080 and K200. On customers' request, external radiation drying ovens are available as well.

Advantages of Hinterkopf drying ovens

All Hinterkopf drying ovens use a homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the exposure time of the cans or tubes in the drying oven. The strong circulating air flow allows low drying temperatures, and thus an economic operation. An extended version of the Hinterkopf drying oven is specially designed for lowered drying temperatures. A thicker isolation protects front and rear plate, the largest heat-emitting parts of the drying oven. Basically, each oven chamber is equipped with its own auxiliary drive chain, chain tensioner and chain break protection. Electronic actuators control the temperature set on the touchscreen of the decorating machine.