N50.3 – Ready for DWI

The necking machine N50.3 from HINTERKOPF with its 50 working stations opens up entirely new possibilities for the shaping of bottles and cans made of aluminum. In addition to very complex product forms also thin-walled products, e.g. made by the DWI-process, can be shaped in only one necking machine.

High Accuracy and Durability

Reinforced drives and components of the N50.3 ensure high accuracy and durability even with the large forces during the necking process. Direct drives of the rotary tools allow for a greater flexibility. Lightweight clamps, a quick exchange system for the tools and the variable infeed and outfeed conveyors enable easy service access and format changes.

High customer value and future viability

Using the DWI method, up to 30% material can be saved. Moreover, the use of recycled aluminum or new alloys is also possible with the N50.3. Even for „normal“ cans and bottles the increased number of workstations is very useful: The reduction of the shaping forces caused by high necking speed (distributing the necking to more steps) and a larger number of auxiliary functions (e.g. intermediate lubricating or milling) can be realized, thus providing a safer production and a higher yield. Additionally, the change-over time is significantly reduced when actually not needed tools may remain installed at their fixed positions.

Variable stroke with optimum speed

HINTERKOPF is using the proven variable stroke mechanism from the N40 machines as well in the N50.3: Doing so, both aerosol cans or bottles shaped along the whole body and „simple“ products can be manufactured most efficiently, i.e. each with its respective maximum speed, depending on the applied stroke. With a variable working stroke of 87 to 184 mm, a production speed of up to 200 parts/min. and a large range of diameters from 35 to 74 mm the N50.3 is a highly efficient, flexible machine for the shaping of demanding cans and bottles made of aluminum, including thin-walled products made by the DWI method. Please check for more details in the N50.3 brochure.


Like their siblings of the N40 series, the necking machine N50.3 ensures highest levels of precision, quality, flexibility, and ease of operation and maintenance. The proven machine and control concept of the N40.2 and N40.3 has been adopted and expanded further.