Intelligent accumulation reacts, regulates and compensates between the individual processes. Therefore, accumulation facilities are important links in a production line.  

controlled Accumulation

Accumulation is a highly demanding task in production as different tasks have to be accomplished. Once one production step is followed by the next with a different speed and once a synchronised process follows a continuous one. To prevent them from thwarting each other the accumulator creates a balance by controlled interim accumulation.

Buffer between individual production steps

In addition, the accumulator reacts immediately when there is an entire standstill in the subsequent production step for a short time. As a buffer it stores the work pieces and passes them on as soon as possible. Accumulating, reacting and controlling - these are the functions of each accumulator. It performs more than a simple warehouse or a transit station.

Controlling means comparing and reacting

The accumulator unit ensures the production flow - sounds quite simple, doesn't it? In the background, however, there is a constant measuring, comparing and responding going on from within a split second. Complex work steps and high production speeds require a powerful and sophisticated automation. A challenge for the Hinterkopf engineers who present a convincing solution.

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