To keep the content inside each tube needs a cap. It is applied after printing and before filling. Its tasks are as varied as its shape - depending on the content and application.


The content is filled in through the rear opening of the tube after its front has been closed. Only the cap or closure finally make the tube a full-package which can frequently be opened and closed. Almost every closure is different because each one performs a specific function.

It is the purpose that matters

„Form follows function“ is especially true for the closures of tubes, whether made of plastic or aluminium. The capping machine applies for example small hollow needles on the tubes for ointment that must be applied precisely dosed and fine. Detergents often need a brush or a sponge , roll-on balls are required for cosmetic deodorants, pressed-in spray pumps are needed for hair setting sprays.

Certainly fresh

How does the consumer know if the mayonnaise in a tube is really fresh? The answer is an aluminium or plastic membrane that is pulled off or pierced with a pin on the cap when you first open. Protection against air or germs is ensured by a perforated ring connected with the tube. When the tube is opened the perforation breaks inevitably. Safety at first sight!

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