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Digital Printing moving forward

Particularly successful was Aerosol & Dispensing Forum (ADF) in early January 2017 in Paris. At the center of many discussions was digital printing. Alexander Hinterkopf and his team were able to showcase the great versatility of digital printing with a wide selection of digitally printed aerosol cans. 

Mature technology, proven in real world production

The trendsetter when it comes to digital printing, Hinterkopf can rely on 8 years of practical experience. In the meantime, the installed digital printing machines have produced over 50 million containers. The D240 machines produce in permanent, three shift operation, and enable short and long run orders within extremely short time frames. Utilizing a fully digital printing technology, waste rate is at an absolute minimum. Therefore, D240 saves on raw materials like blank containers, inks, energy, etc.

New world of design capabilities

Today’s requirements for modern printing machines are enourmous. Aside from top print quality and optimal use of resources, the cost per copy is of utmost importance. Order sizes with run length up to 100,000 containers are especially suited for digital. Cost savings come from instant change-overs, minimum waste, no printing plates and printing in efficient CMYK technology, rather than special colors. But digital printing is also very well suited for productions with large quantities, when marketing success is optimized by extremely high print quality and special effect printing. During the ADF show it became clear that the latter situation is gaining more attention from brand owners and marketing departments. 

Ideal solution for short runs

It does not come as a suprise that Hinterkopf continues to expand its competitive advantage in digital printing. With the brand new D120, Hinterkopf already presented the addition to the digital line of printing machines, which was started by D240. The smaller D120 is an ideal solution for a stand alone machine for short and special orders. Such production capability is increasingly important for product launches, special editions and regional markets. With the extremely high flexibility, digital printing is a perfect match for these requirements.