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D360.3 Digital Printing Machine

The new machine generation is based on improved print heads, which are the result of several yearlong research and development by Hinterkopf. They allow a substantially higher density of ink droplets in the printing process. This results in better print results, such as improved sharpness of edges which is required for both very small as well es very large type, or also QR- and barcodes. The new machine generation allows significantly improved solid colors as well as color fadings and transitions. The high print resolution allows an optimum ink coverage across the full spectrum, from zero to 100% coverage. Previously, the area between zero and 15% was a lot more difficult to reproduce. The new machine enables the customer to create very delicate color transitions in 2 and 3 dimensions, which are often required in high-end cosmetics packaging.

Increased print resolution helps reduce the overall production cost. New inks for the generation 4.0 print heads come with more pigment for increased color strength. They also have improved adhesion, which allows for reduced ink film thickness and reduced ink consumption, sometimes by up to 50%. 

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