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Digital Printing: 10 machines, 1 million containers with 250 different graphics per day.

A total of ten digital printing machines made by Hinterkopf are in operation today across the globe, producing a grand total of 1 million packaging containers each day, with an amazing daily 250 different graphics. Applications range from aerosol cans to beverage cans for craft beverages, also tubes as well as cartridges – the variety in cylindrical hollow containers is nearly endless.

Thanks to state-of-the-art seven color technology (CMYK, orange, violet and green) the D240.2 digital printer covers a greatly increased color space, which allows for even more vibrant colors and exact color match. Inks are cured with a LED-UV system, which consumes barely one tenth of the energy compared to conventional drying systems.  

Digital printing does not involve a physical printing plate or film, therefore print image data is sent directly from the graphics department to the digital printer. Machine change-over times as well as energy intense heat-up times are a thing of the past, which translates directly into savings of time and money. Repeat orders are produced effortlessly, and seasonal products and special edition packaging come at equally low cost compared to regular orders with longer runs. Last not least, print quality is excellent and consistent from first to final copy. We should also mention that digital printing does not cause start-up waste, and also no run waste due to worn printing plates. Very small production lots become very economical, and quantity of copies produced can be controlled to the exact number.   

We hope to have peaked your interest in our innovative digital printing technology. Please contact us, we are looking forward to reviewing your project and discuss your individual requirements. 

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