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Digital printing technology from Hinterkopf in high demand

Alexander Hinterkopf, managing director of the family owned machinery company is convinced: „Digital decoration of metal and plastic packaging had it’s breakthrough point at the turn of calendar years 2016/2017!“ At Metpack 2017 trade show, the company’s digital printer D240 was the focal point of many conversations. During the first quarter of 2017, Hinterkopf sold four additional D240 digital printers to Poland, Canada, Spain and China.

Reliability of a machine is of paramount importance. In order to fully utilize any production system, manufacturers are optimizing production windows. Any dysfunctional time negatively impacts productivity and profitability. Hinterkopf’s D240 passed the real life test with flying colors at packaging manufacturing company Ritter. At the Schwabmuenchen/Germany based company, the first D240 startet around-the-clock production in 2015. In the meantime, the Ritter company operates three digital printing systems type D240 made by Hinterkopf.

Networked for quick turnaround production of large quantities

Digital advantages come in play even more when producing very large quantities. In this situation, multiple digital printing machines possibly at different production locations can be networked easily and without lengthy planning. The finished printed product is independent of machine location – container for container identical. „When customers make a short term decision they need one million cans, the quantity is too much for a single line to handle“, explains Alexander Hinterkopf. Without pre-planning, ten D240 machines can be networked, and „every machine delivers the same quality“, emphasizes Alexander Hinterkopf.

Instant response to market demands

Demand for large quantities is on the decline for several years already. „Marketing departments are seeking for solutions to bring individualized products to market in a short time frame. The many meetings and conversations at Metpack have confirmed this trend“, states Alexander Hinterkopf. An important piece of the solution is the D240 digital printer. Hinterkopf’s digital printer does not require any physical proof or plate. The transition from packaging design to digital printer is seamless, saving time and money and thus enables cost efficient production of minimum order quantities. Seasonal products and special editions are virtually same cost as large quantities. In theory, consumers could order a single individualized piece, without affecting production cost. 

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