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Hinterkopf GmbH acquires impact-extrusion press business from Schuler Pressen GmbH for the packaging industry

Presses are an integral part of production lines for cylindrical hollow containers. They are the first machines in an extensive and complex manufacturing process. They set the pace and define the geometric quality of the manufactured cylinders. Higher grade aluminum alloys as well as thin wall technology in aluminum cans place even greater emphasis on presses.  

It all starts with an aluminum slug with thickness of several millimeters. During the forming process, the material flows in reverse direction against the motion of the press between the punch and a die. The result is a thin walled aluminum cylinder, the basis for various metal packaging containers. The comprehensive line of impact-extrusion presses acquired by Hinterkopf represent the latest generation technology, with press forces ranging from 1,500 kN up to 6,300 kN. Thanks to an optimized knee lever design, the forming process is particularly homogenous.

Integration between impact-extrusion press and production line has always been a critical factor for the quality of the end product. With the acquisition of the exclusive license for the packaging industry, production line experts Hinterkopf GmbH are already planning further advancements of press technology. Areas of focus include reducing contamination of the press area, as well as lowering heat and equipment wear, in order to improve the customer experience with impact-extrusion presses.

Service and support for impact-extrusion presses will also be handled by Hinterkopf. Operational support, repairs, upgrade as well as spare and wear parts for existing machines are offered by Hinterkopf. As machine experts with full line responsibility, Hinterkopf also plans to offer process and performance optimization for customers with installed equipment.

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