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66 mm cans at highest possible line speeds

Switzerland based can maker Nussbaum will start production on their newest can making
line at the beginning of July. The production line, designed and manufactured by Hinterkopf,
will set a new benchmark when it comes to uniquely crafted cans in large quantities.

The new can making line is remarkable in various areas. It is the first can line that will run 66 mm diameter
cans at speeds of 180/min. - faster than any other line in Europe. „The new can line allows us to produce
cans of this standard format at significantly higher speeds“, Nussbaum CEO Florian Nussbaum points out.

Another world’s first is the 50 station necking machine. Hinterkopf’s N50 offers an additional
10 stations over the existing industry standard. This allows the production of cans with particularly
thin wall thickness. Material and weight savings directly translate to cost advantages.
However, the new necking machine offers even bigger advantages. „Due to the additonal processing
steps, the new necking machine allows for entirely new can shapes“, explains Nussbaum.

The economical impact of the new production line is greatly increased by its brand new laser trimming
machine L240. The new laser trimmer is the first to employ innovative technology that minimizes
set up and trim waste. Nussbaum already operates another Hinterkopf L240 laser trimmer
since last year, successfully in everyday production. In the meantime the new trimmer has processed
millions of cans, and the performance is remarkable. „The waste rate is reduced by more
than half with the new machine, because there is virtually no start-up waste and no waste from
process variables“, says Nussbaum, and the economic success of the new machine reflects this.

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