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Saving resources for success - Sustainable economical production

Hinterkopf machines and production lines ensure sustainable, economical production of cans, tubes, and bottles. In an interview, Alexander Hinterkopf, Managing Director and son of the company’s founder, explains how new technologies help achieve this goal.

“With our machines and production lines, customers are in a position to produce sustainably and economically,” emphasizes Hinterkopf. The relevance of this topic is increasing constantly for manufacturers of aerosol cans, tubes, and bottles. The goal must be to preserve resources and produce economically, yet to continue “producing beautifully-shaped and aesthetic packaging that encourages consumers’ decision to purchase these products,” according to Hinterkopf.

“Our customers prove that our systems fulfi ll the requirements of the market,” says Hinterkopf. The best evidence of a system’s performance is when a customer purchases a second system to supplement an existing line. The H240 line in particular has proven itself. New H240 lines are running both at CPMC in China and at Montebello (USA). “The H240 is our ‘bread-and-butter’ machine, which of course is also state of the art,” laughs Hinterkopf. The interplay of solid mechanics and sophisticated electronics guarantees safe processes with minimal waste. There are already six lines running in Central Europe, two in Turkey, two in Great Britain, and one additional one in the USA. For many companies, the H240 forms the basis for safe and sustainable production.

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